About Permanent Makeup

Permanent Makeup is a form of cosmetic tattooing used to enhance facial features (eyebrows, eyeliner, lips and the creation of beauty marks). The procedure involves sterile needles and pigment that is implanted just below the surface of the skin. The color typically lasts for about two years, but varies by client due to body chemistry, skin pigmentation and exposure to various elements. You must be 18-years-old to receive a Permanent Makeup treatment.

The procedures are great for women who:

  • Want to wake up in the morning looking great
  • Have lost some or all of their eyebrow hair
  • Want to accentuate their eyes or better define their lips
  • Spend lots of time exercising or sweating
  • Are constantly on the go and have little time to do their makeup
  • Don’t want to mess with cosmetics while camping or traveling
  • Can’t wear traditional makeup due to allergies or skin sensitivities
  • Have difficulty applying makeup (unsteady hands or poor eyesight)

Our goal, with each and every procedure, is to subtly enhance our client’s organic beauty, creating natural-looking and realistic:

  • Beautiful Brows
  • Smudge-Free Eyeliner
  • Luscious Lips
  • Bold Beauty Marks
  • Expert Areolas



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