About Our Breast Clinic
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There are so many unique and amazing things that we can do with our Permanent Makeup equipment within the field of micropigmentation, but the one that we are most passionate about is our areola repigmentation procedure. Through this enhancement, we are able to recreate the areola (and nipple when necessary) for men and women who have lost a breast due to mastectomy.


kim workingBecause the majority of our areola repigmentation clients are women who have survived breast cancer, we’ve created a Breast Clinic within Beauty Hideaway devoted to the art of producing the most realistic, natural-looking areolas attainable. We have a special room set aside for these procedures where we provide our clients with a loving, understanding and comforting environment to celebrate the end of their long and tiring journeys with a touch of beauty, making them feel normal and beautiful again.


20141202_123405 Beauty Hideaway is rapidly becoming known as “the place to go for 3D areola and nipple tattoo simulation,” not only because of our love for helping these types of clients, but because we’ve made it our business to be breast experts!


There are lots of Permanent Makeup technicians and Plastic Surgeons out there attempting to perform this procedure, but very few of them (and possibly none of them) have invested in the multitude of ink colors and needle configurations required to expertly and artistically craft a multi-dimensional areola. And sadly, it shows: their work is easily spotted by the one-color, flat, pepperoni-looking circles that they crank out.


Our team of expert Permanent Makeup artists also frequently perform the following related services:
  • Scar camoflauging of the white scar around the areola after breast reduction (mammaplasty) and breast lifts (mastopexy)
  • Darkening of existing areolas for those who have lost pigment or simply desire a darker, or different colored, areola
  • The recreation of nipples and areolas for men after breast reduction (gynecomastia)


We welcome you to join us at one of our ongoing Areola & Nipple Simulation Overview Seminars, or visit our clinic for a complimentary consultation to see firsthand why we are different.

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