Permanent Makeup Aftercare Instructions

Because Permanent Makeup is a tattoo, the skin will be opened slightly and will be susceptible to infection (especially for the first two days). Treat it like an open wound and follow these instructions for a minimum of FIVE days for brows, beauty marks and small spots and SEVEN days for eyeliner, lip and larger areas.

  • Don’t touch the area with anything that could be dirty (fingers, glasses, etc.)
  • Don’t pick, rub or scratch the area. Keep wet cotton rounds on the area for 20 minutes morning and night.
  • Keep the area glistening at all times: use the ointment that will be provided to you and Vaseline or Aquaphor if you run out (and always apply a fresh coat before bathing/showering)
  • Keep the area clean (free of makeup and anything else other than the above ointments)
  • No swimming, sauna or anything that presents a bacterial threat, including contact with animals, gardening or anything that kicks up dust/dirt
  • Wash AROUND the area, NOT over the area (no scrubbing and splashing the face)
  • Do not use acid-based products or those with lightening agents on the areas – even after you are healed
  • Keep your face away from the water when showering (let it hit the back of your head)
  • Shade your face from the sun while healing and keep the areas protected from the sun after they have healed (hat, glasses, sunscreen)
  • Be careful when sleeping – don’t rub your face on the pillow, which could rub the pigment off
  • Avoid strenuous activity for 2 days. Increased blood pressure and dilated blood vessels increases swelling and oozing. Also, sweat running into a wound stings.

Normal Healing Process (remember all color fades by at least 40% within 7 days. Also, an occasional, slight healing itch is normal, but intense itching, abnormal thick yellow discharge, yellow crusting, hot burning pain, redness/swelling/tenderness, fever, lumps, bumps and blisters are not normal and medical care should be sought). Below are specific guidelines and recommendations for healing by area:


Brows and other areas will be slightly red the day of and the day after the procedure


Eyes will be slightly swollen after the eyeliner procedure and could swell a little more when you wake up the next day. It will go down from there over the next two days.

  • Use frozen peas/corn to reduce swelling (in a new plastic baggie)
  • Chamomile tea bags also reduce swelling (steep like you’re going to drink it, wring out the water, refrigerate and then apply right over the eye)
  • Keeping your head elevated also reduces swelling
  • Do not curl lashes or apply mascara while healing
  • Keep contacts out for at least two days (and longer if possible)
  • Use sterile eyewash to flush ointment and particles out of the eyes

Lips will be slightly swollen they day of the procedure and “hooker red.” Between day 3-5 they will scab and flake.

  • Drink through a straw
  • Avoid citrus, greasy, salty, oily and spicy foods until healed
  • Don’t wipe with a napkin or lick the lips
  • Be careful when brushing your teeth
  • No bleaching the teeth while you are healing
  • Keep lips lubricated for another 2 weeks after healed (Vitamin E is great)
  • No smoking while healing
  • For those taking antiviral medication for cold sores, continue the medication as prescribed by your doctor