I Enjoy Looking Refreshed & Pretty

“Getting Permanent Makeup was an easy choice for me, since I spend much of my free time on a bike. I enjoy looking refreshed and pretty, even after I’ve spent the day climbing hills and splashing through murky water. I might ride like a dude, but at the end of the day, I’m still a lady.”

AJ – Owner, G2 Bike & Girls Ride 2


Important I Look My Best Always

“Between showing property, negotiating home sales and signing contracts, I spend the majority of my workdays in face-to-face meetings with all sorts of people and it’s important that I look my best always. Having one less thing to worry about enables me to focus on getting my clients the best prices for their homes.”

Candi Guthrie – Realtor, Guthrie Group Realty


Thankful My Makeup Stays In Place

“On those days where I’m working 12-hours and then racing home to get dinner ready for my family, I’m thankful that my makeup stays in place, even through having water splashed on it all day at the wash bowl or working a hair show outdoors in the sun.”

Kristin Santiago – Salon Owner & Hairstylist, Salon 356


My Little Secret To Keeping Up

“Managing events for West Coast Chill (healthy alternative to traditional energy drinks) keeps me moving at the speed of light and finding myself in the company of all sorts of amazing people and places. Permanent Makeup is my little secret to keeping up… even with the bunnies at the Playboy Mansion!”

Sue Joseph – Event Planner, West Coast Chill


Eyeliner Makes Me Look Awake

She operates seven businesses, including Action Zipline and other tours on half of a mountain she owns in Big Bear, she’s interviewed and photographed regularly and was recently named Entrepreneur of the Year by South Coast Magazine. Our beloved and modest Belinda simply says, “I just love how the eyeliner makes me look awake.”

Belinda Bain – Owner, Action Tours


Helps Me Looked Pulled Together

“A typical day for me ranges from the joy of raising three precious children (one with autism), to total insanity when personalities collide and we all go haywire. When I’m not chasing them, I’m creating memorable jewelry for my clients. My Permanent Makeup helps me look pulled together, even when I feel crazy inside some days.”

April Wilson – Mom/Designer, Origami Owl